With years of experience altering bridal gowns, Mother-of-the-bride gowns and bridesmaid’s dresses, our Alterations Department performs the magic that ensures your dress will  “fit you like a glove”!


Alterations really begin before you even order your gown!  The very first step in achieving a perfect fit for your gown is to have precise measurements taken. Once your gown arrives, our in-house  professional seamstresses will meet with you over a series of appointments to ensure that your dream dress fits you perfectly.


In addition to fit, we can customize your gown to your liking. Ferndales is one of the only salons in southern California to offer hand beading embellishment services. The nearly lost art of hand sewn beading can transform a gown from merely pretty to stunning!


We are a full service bridal alterations department. Our services include hems, taking in and letting out of seams, adding darts, lengthening or shortening straps and sleeves and adding bustling. 

To help you budget your overall gown expenses, our experts are able to give you a fair estimate of the alteration costs before you order your gown. Generally speaking, we advise brides to budget $600 for alterations, however the cost may be less or more depending on the work to be done.


We are able to create and add straps and sleeves to most gowns. Before you order your gown, we can show you examples of what is possible to change on it.

Unlike some salons that only meet to determine the alterations and then have you come   to pick up your gown, we typically meet with you for three appointments:  to decide on the alterations needed, a check in progress for fit, etc., and a final try on.  All gowns are professional steamed and pressed before you pick them up.

Plan on making your first alterations appointment six to eight weeks before your wedding date.

From adding just a hint of sparkle to fully blinged out gowns, Connie is our hand beading expert.  With years of experience, she skillfully transforms dresses into exactly the gown of your dreams.